Chart-me XLS 3.5

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Our claim

We share the vision of Prof. Dr. Hichert and the IBCS that management reports will be just as meaningful and understandable as maps and technical drawings.

The stated goal of HI-CHART is to create tools with which sophisticated management reports can easily be implemented.

In our practical work we follow the philosophy “help for self-help”.

We provide our customers with knowledge and tools that enable them to work independently and flexibly.


HI-CHART GmbH was founded in Berlin by Holger Gerths, who has extensive experience in management reporting as a long-standing technology and implementation partner of HICHERT+PARTNER (now HICHERT+FAISST).


  • Prof. Rolf Hichert: Idea and Conzept +
    Holger Gerths: Technical implementation in Excel
  • SUCCESS seminars +
    Excel tricks for the realization of almost every presentation request


  • Excel templates
  • Prepared sample pictures according to SUCCESS / IBCS


  • Founding of HI-CHART GmbH


  • First version of Chart-me XLS as Excel add-in


  • Chart-me XLS has been IBCS certified by BARC


  • first version of

Chart-me WEB –  in a web browser  +
Chart-me DS     –  for SAP BO DesignStudio

  • second version of

Chart-me XLS – with tables according to IBCS –
provides tables with the same graphical language as the charts.


  • second version of

Chart-me WEB  +
Chart-me DS
with the features:
– Complete scripting with JavaScript
– Interactivity with definable click events
– Data interface with pivotizer and filters
– Hierarchies with parent-child relationships
– Any number of hierarchies can be nested within one axis

and Chart-me DS
– with a completely new user interface
– Fully integrated into SAP Design Studio
– SAP BW hierarchies are recognized automatically

Chart-me WEB with
– Stylesheet editor for company-specific styles
– definable user filters for viewers
– external data interfaces to

  • third version of

Chart-me XLS – with report automation module
with the features:
– multiple Excel files can be combined into Chart-me projects
– The data input of several Excel files can be centralized to one file
– Figures can be automatically exported from Excel to PDF or vector images (EMF) for Word or PowerPoint

All our products  are IBCS certified by BARC.