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October 14, 2013

How to design perfect HICHERT®SUCCESS charts with Microsoft Excel? You will find detailed answers to this question in the book “Excel Diagramme nach SUCCESS@IBCS – Tips and Tricks for Excel 2003 and 2007/2010” by Dr. Rolf Hichert and Holger Gerths, which is revised this year in the 2nd Edition.

Das 288 Seiten starke Fachbuch bietet im ersten Kapitel zunächst eine Typisierung von Geschäftsdiagrammen und vermittelt die Grundlagen zur Gestaltung von professionellen Geschäftsdiagrammen – auch anhand zahlreicher Beispiel-Diagramme, die im Controlling- und Reporting-Alltag häufig Anwendung finden.

Create stacked column charts professionally with MS Excel

In Chapter 2, the authors explain how stacked column charts are implemented with MS Excel versions 97 and 2003. Using exercise files and easy-to-follow steps will show how to maximize drawing surfaces, label column sections, and change rows of column rows. The freely controllable y-scale, the representation of legends and the data-driven color changes in the x-axis are some of the other topics in this section. Chapter 3 is similar to Chapter 2 for creating stacked column charts with Microsoft Excel versions 2007 and 2010.

Tips and tricks for everyday reporting

The fourth chapter deals with navigation in business charts and the important linkage of Excel charts with MS PowerPoint in daily reporting. Practical shortcuts as well as valuable tips and tricks for reporting are listed. In addition, the authors use the font size as a scaling measure for the calculation of the chart dimensions and the unification of colors, shapes and symbols.

Übrigens: Mit unserem MS Excel Add-on Chart-me XLS  sind viele der im Buch beschriebenen Arbeitsschritte mit wenigen Klicks erledigt oder entfallen sogar ganz. Denn die Darstellung und der Workflow von Chart-me XLS basiert auf den Regel von SUCCESS@IBCS. Gleiches gilt übrigens für unsere Berichtsvorlagen, die Instant Reports.

The book contents at a glance:

  • Introduction to the design rules HICHERT®SUCCESS
  • Tips and tricks for Excel 2003 and 2007/2010
  • Extensive practice in 30 steps
  • Other examples for self-building
  • Immediately applicable templates for download

Authors: Holger Gerths, Dr. Rolf Hichert
Title: Excel Diagramme nach SUCCESS@IBCS
Edition: 2. revised edition 2013
Pages: 288 + DVD
Language: German
Published by: Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, Munzinger Straße 9, 79111 Freiburg,
ISBN: 978-3-648-03077-6
Price: 79,00 €

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