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With Chart-me WEB you work quickly and intuitively. Create your sophisticated management reports, presentations and interactive dashboards in a web browser. You can easily use your data from existing Excel spreadsheets. You can also set up data connections to ODBC, SAP BW and TM / 1.

Chart-me WEB is IBCS® certified.


The analysis of the company numbers is your “real task” – but creating management reports first costs valuable time.
With Chart-me WEB, this task is done in no time!


You work in all popular web browsers. An extra software does not have to be installed.

And the result are management reports in high quality!


Many software solutions are very complex and can only be used efficiently after a long learning period. With Chart-me WEB it is completely different, because you simply drag and drop your data over the chart.


With Chart-me WEB, the monthly data update becomes a children’s game. You simply drag and drop the files using the current numbers – ready!


For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, special page formats and menus have been developed. So, your reports can be read anywhere.


Your confidential data is not stored anywhere in the world wide web, but on a server in your company. This keeps you in full control and your data is protected against misuse.


You can simply forward your report to a colleague or partner with a “Read or edit” link.

Chart-me WEB


Chart-me WEB speaks German and Englisch
as well as French and Polish.

video – the new commenting feature
one minute


live examples

Table Template



with details view via clickable areas


chart-me WEB Multicharts

Chart multiples created automatically data-driven


Chart-me WEB P&L

in only one minute



a scaling example



Quick start
Chart-me web instructions
from the beginner to the professional

For beginners:

Get to know the use of Chart-me WEB in a few steps. You create a figure in a few minutes, adapt it to your needs, link it to a data source and share the result via e-mail link or PDF file with others.

Chart-me web
User guide

A reference book in which all the functions of Chart-me WEB are clearly listed and illustrated with pictures.

Chart-me web
Scripting guide

Chart-me WEB and Chart me DS can be automated and extended by a powerful JavaScript interface. The scripting manual serves as a reference for almost all scripting functions.

What our customers say


“When working with Chart-me WEB, you can feel the joy of the HI-CHART product developers:
They were allowed to put the IBCS know-how built up with their Excel add-in for years into a separate product of pure HTML5.
The user guidance is extremely intuitive, because it is based on the economic significance of the content to be displayed.
I haven’t seen that before. “

(Translated from German)

Dr. Jürgen Faisst, Member in the IBCS certification team

commented the certification of Chart-me WEB in December 2015


Chart-me WEB

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