Bronze: AXA Group Solutions Switzerland for the implementation of a state-of-the-art reporting solution for around 2,000 users deployed using SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. The consulting partner was Sybit & Peers AG.


Michael Schmitt

“Our need was to create a dashboard to visualize sales performance and KPIs according to Hichert´s IBCS rules. This could not be achieved with sap standard tools. Beside others, we needed: Chart-table combinations, automated scaling, object transformation via scripting, multilingualism and automated waterfalls driven by multiple nested BW hierarchies.

After a detailed market research, Hi-Chart was the supplier who could meet nearly all of our requirements (At the moment we only miss a ranking function, I think this functionality will not be long in coming…). The first contact was open minded and attentive.

Together with Sybit & Peers, one of Hi-Chart´s regular implementation partners, we established a prototype and implemented the dashboard. Hi-Chart supported us on every request.

Now we are ready: From top manager on board level to sales representative out in the field every person receives a condensed, custom tailored, configurable, intuitive and fast readable dashboard supporting his day-to-day business.

Our people are happy and we achieved homogenous reporting on IBCS Standards.”

Chart-me DS

“SAP Newsbyte – March 7, 2018 SAP Switzerland honored customers with SAP Quality Awards in gold, silver, and bronze at the 2018 SAP Forum in Basel. Each year since 2008, SAP Switzerland has presented quality awards to customers who have achieved excellence in planning and executing implementation projects. This year, the gold-award winners are Swisscom AG, Glencore International AG, and petZEBA AG.

When selecting the award winners, the judges look for meticulous and high-quality project planning and emphasis on rapid, cost-effective implementation close to the SAP standard. The projects are assessed based on ten quality principles recommended by SAP, which – when followed – promise better results in the implementation of standard software. The objective is to achieve project outcomes that generate business value and meet the requirement for fast time to value. By presenting these awards, SAP recognizes customers who have attracted interest through excellence in SAP projects. At the same time, the awards promote the creation of a community of “thought leaders” and strengthen collaboration between customers and partners.

In 2018, SAP Switzerland presented Quality Awards in three categories. The Business Transformation category covers major projects for more than 500 users that have a timeline of more than six months and comprise more than 900 person-days. The Fast Delivery category concentrates on small and medium-sized projects for fewer than 600 users, a project timeline of up to seven months, and comprising fewer than 1,000 person-days. And the Innovation category is devoted to projects of any size that involve innovative deployments of SAP software.

This year, SAP Switzerland honored nine projects delivered by companies operating in Switzerland whose achievements best met the award requirements.

The SAP Quality Award winners in the Business Transformation category are:

Gold: Swisscom AG for its OneERP project to consolidate two complete ERP and BW landscapes for 19,000 users. By redesigning and harmonizing its business processes simultaneously, the company gained business value on several fronts: lower system costs, better responsiveness to organizational changes, and simplified maintenance of material master records. The company’s own team of in-house consultants supported the project.

Silver: Mondelēz Europe Services GmbH for the extensive transformation of its existing global ERP landscape. As well as supporting a reorganization at regional level and allowing key business processes to be remapped, the project enabled the grocery and confectionery enterprise to redesign and simplify its global supply chain processes. Both subprojects are aligned with Mondelēz’s global growth strategy. The consulting partner was DXC Technology.

Bronze: AXA Group Solutions Switzerland for the implementation of a state-of-the-art reporting solution for around 2,000 users deployed using SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. The consulting partner was Sybit & Peers AG.”

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