Chart-me im SAP Lumira-Designer

Use Chart-me DS now to create complete SUCCESS / IBCS-compliant reports and dashboards in SAP Lumira Designer or BO Design Studio. It’s easy to use the intuitive Chart-me WEB interface.

Use the built-in JavaScript programming interface to implement almost any dynamic dashboard solution.

The Chart-me extension for SAP Lumira Designer is IBCS certified.

SAP certified


Your data comes from SAP data sources or MS Excel. And in a short time you create variance analysis, waterfall charts or tables.


You have previously worked exclusively with SAP Design Studio? No problem! Chart-me is an extension for SAP Lumira Designer and Design Studio.

So you can boost your existing projects quickly on the proven SUCCESS / IBCS level.


Complex software solutions there are a dime a dozen – but for the simple ones you have to seek for. With Chart-me you have found it. Here you mainly work with drag and drop.
It could not be easier!


Projects created with Chart-me in your Webbrowser can be opened in the Chart-me extension for SAP Lumira Designer and linked to SAP data sources. This allows a seamless connection between the analysis and the standard reporting: With Bex or Analysis for MS-Excel you analyze SAP BW data, visualize it with Chart-me in your Webbrowser, save the project as a file, load it in Chart-me in SAP Lumira Designer or DesignStudio and Link the project with SAP data sources – ready.


The user interface is fully integrated into the SAP Lumira Designer and Design Studio interface and offers all the important elements at a glance.


The scripting interface allows you to change all properties of Chart-me elements, such as charts, data series, or highlighting. This allows to implement interactive dashboard solutions. For example, the scenario can be changed from ACTUAL to PLAN, from structure (vertical) to time series (horizontal), deviations from absolute (bar) to percentage (needles) or chart to table representation.


Different team members can have different roles. With Chart-me, this can not only be a designer and a viewer. Specially authorized viewers can also add comments and highlighting that are only visible in the context of the filtered data.

Chart-me DS Logo


You can optionally add several Chart-me projects to the SAP Lumira Designer or Design Studio project for different charts or tiles, or one Chart-me project, in which multiple charts and tables can be arranged in a grid  and even on several pages .


the new commenting feature

This one-minute video shows the new commenting feature in Chart-me for SAP Lumira Designer and Design Studio.


Chart-me in the Webbrowser & Chart-me extension for SAP Lumira designer

This two-minutes video shows how a click-interacting diagram is generated in the webbrowser Chart-me  and imported into the Chart-me extension in SAP Lumira Designer or Design Studio.



Quick start
Chart-me ds instructions
From the beginner to the professional

In this compressed short guide, you’ll learn everything you need to be productive with Chart-me DS.

Chart-me ds
User guide

The reference book for Chart‑me DS.

Chart-me ds
Scripting guide

Chart-me WEB and Chart me DS can be automated and extended by a powerful JavaScript interface. The scripting manual serves as a reference for almost all scripting functions.



Our need was to create a dashboard to visualize sales performance and KPIs according to Hichert´s IBCS rules. This could not be achieved with sap standard tools.
Beside others, we needed: Chart-table combinations, automated scaling, object transformation via scripting, multilingualism and automated waterfalls driven by multiple nested BW hierarchies. After a detailed market research, Hi-Chart was the supplier who could meet nearly all of our requirements (At the moment we only miss a ranking function, I think this functionality will not be long in coming…).
The first contact was open minded and attentive. Together with Sybit & Peers, one of Hi-Chart´s regular implementation partners, we established a prototype and implemented the dashboard. Hi-Chart supported us on every request.
Now we are ready: From top manager on board level to sales representative out in the field every person receives a condensed, custom tailored, configurable, intuitive and fast readable dashboard supporting his day-to-day business.
Our people are happy and we achieved homogenous reporting on IBCS Standards.


Michael Schmitt

on December 13, 2017

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