Chart-me WEB with new commenting feature

The expansion of digitization – or more precisely the automation of work processes with the help of software – is no longer a trend development, but a permanent state. Almost in all areas of life. If you want it.

Nice, if the vacuum cleaner and the lawnmower autonomously and inconspicuously does its work and the car finds the way home by itself.

And in reporting? The report is printed out monthly and sent to the responsible colleagues, who are soon armed with highlighters to bring their ideas to paper. The times are fortunately over. If you want that.

In reporting or interactive dashboards, Chart-me provides the ability for specially qualified users to attach comments to charts and tables, visible to others.

By allowing other users to reply to comments, messenger-like histories can be created and provide important background information and explanations for the displayed content.

This one-minute video shows the new commenting feature in Chart-me WEB


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