runs on different platforms. You work fast and intuitive.
You create your sophisticated management reports, presentations and interactive dashboards in nearly no time.

hi-chart is IBCS® certified.

With hi-chart you not only create single charts or tables, but complete multi-page reports with charts, tables, combinations of both, text and highlighting.

SAP certified

An intuitive, complete reporting
solution in the WEB browser

With hi-chart, you can create compelling business graphics and tables across platforms in all popular web browsers.
Drag and drop Excel files over a chart or a table – done!
Data connections can also be set up for  SAP BW and TM1.

the hi-chart extension for SAP
Lumira Designer + Design Studio.

The intuitive user interface and the convincing visualizations of hi-chart are also available as an extension in Lumira Designer and SAP BO Design Studio.
SAP BW data sources are visualized directly in hi-chart. This allows existing projects to be easily upgraded to IBCS standards.

the new hi-chart AddIn
for MS Excel 2016 + 365

With the hi-chart AddIn for Excel, you can turn Excel into a professional tool for creating management reports, dashboards, and presentations in minutes.
Create charts and tables that speak a common language and integrate them into prepared page formats, such as PowerPoint.


The analysis of the company numbers is your “real task” – but creating management reports first costs valuable time.
With hi-chart, this task is done in no time!


Many software solutions are very complex and can only be used efficiently after a long learning period. With hi-chart  it is completely different, because you simply drag and drop your data over the chart.


With hi-chart, the monthly data update becomes a children’s game. You simply drag and drop the files using the current numbers – ready!


For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, special page formats and menus have been developed. So, your reports can be read anywhere.


Chart-me speaks German and English
as well as French and Polish.


Your confidential data is not stored anywhere in the world wide web, but on a server in your company. This keeps you in full control and your data is protected against misuse.


The scripting interface allows you to change all properties of hi-chart  elements automatically. This allows to implement interactive dashboard solutions.


You can simply forward your report to a colleague or partner with a “Read or edit” link. You can also embed Chart-me graphics dynamically in websites such as SharePoint or WordPress.


the new commenting feature 

one minute


hi-chart P&L

in only one minute



a scaling example


hi-chart Multicharts

Chart multiples created automatically data-driven


hi-chart DS the extension for SAP Lumira

This two-minutes video shows how a click-interacting diagram is generated in the webbrowser hi-chart  and imported into the hi-chart extension in SAP Lumira Designer or Design Studio.

live examples

Table Template



with details view via clickable areas

Scaling made simple

The hi-chart fontsize concept

In the creation of business charts it has so far only been possible with a great deal of effort to put all sizes of graphic elements – including those of the fonts – into a consistent size ratio. After many years of trying to solve this problem, Rolf Hichert of HICHERT + FAISST has  found a solution that is as simple as convincing: the font size concept.

The idea

The font size concept is based on the idea of using the font size of a business graphic as a reference for all other sizes and proportions. For example, if the default font size is 10pt, all other important dimensions on a report page can be expressed as a multiple of these 10pt. A “pt” (Point) is equivalent to 1/72 inch.
The new unit of measurement is called “fs” for “font size”.

More clarity in all areas

The font size concept thus creates more clarity in all areas: In the creation of business charts, in their use in different output media, presentations and reports as well as the actual purpose: the use by managers and decision makers.

Always consistent

For example: For a chart, the column thickness is set to 1.0 fs, the category width is 2.0 fs, the column font spacing is set to 0.3 fs, and so on. The result: all fonts and diagram elements are in a reasonable ratio to each other, the maximum size of possible labels is clearly defined, which makes the work even easier. The chart can also be easily enlarged or reduced. Text and graphics always remain coherent. The concept can also be applied to tables and the entire layout of report pages.

Application is more than easy

The font size concept not only increases the legibility and usability of business charts, but also helps to significantly reduce expenses in reporting. We at HI-CHART are so convinced by this solution that we have built this feature into all hi-chart products. The application is more than simple: When you insert a chart, you choose a font size – or the font size of the page is used automatically – and the entire chart is automatically configured accordingly. All images have the same look for the viewer, regardless of whether they are thumbnails, for example, in dashboards or enlarged detail sections. Of course, the font size can be changed at any time. Then, all sizes are automatically adjusted.

What our customers say


“When working with hi-chart, you can feel the joy of the HI-CHART product developers:
They were allowed to put the IBCS know-how built up with their Excel add-in for years into a separate product of pure HTML5.
The user guidance is extremely intuitive, because it is based on the economic significance of the content to be displayed.
I haven’t seen that before. “

(Translated from German)

Dr. Jürgen Faisst, Member in the IBCS certification team

commented the certification of Chart-me WEB in December 2015



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