New Chart-me XLS release 2.1 now supports tables according to Hichert SUCCESS / IBCS®.

For expressive business reports tables are as important as charts. If both, tables and charts, speak a common language, comprehension of the message is very simple for the addressee. The operation is performed in the usual manner via Excel cells. You can simply enter values or link them from almost any data source.

Features of new tables unit
  • Brand-new Chart-me 2.1 table unit creates time series and structure tables with and without hierarchies as well as combinations of both.
  • Just as Chart-me created charts, tables are pure Excel files as well.
  • Using stylesheets, Chart-me tables can be easily adapted to your notation concept.
  • Here you find a brief overview: Chart-me  XLS tables features
  • Chart-me 2.0 has been released early in April 2015 and the new tables unit is an integral part of it.

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