Excellent Planning meets IBCS Reporting

Following the merger with CP Corporate Planning AG, prospects and customers of Hi-Chart GmbH will have numerous functions at their fingertips that bring a whole new dynamism to IBCS reporting.

There are many good reasons for counting on IBCS reporting with Hi-Chart in future –

here are just a few examples:

We’ve solved the issue of the data connection to your back-office systems once and for all. Whether you have just one back-office system or several, with our solution we can connect all your upstream data, even enabling you to view the individual scanned vouchers if you wish. Lengthy IT projects and the expansion of technical data warehouses have thus become obsolete.

The structuring of data for highly informative IBCS reporting is now child’s play. With our self-service approach, you will no longer need to go to the trouble of preparing your data for reporting. Our platform utilises all business interrelationships and enables you to create dynamic reports with a single mouse click – for any period, any time aggregation and any scenario.

Gone are the days when you found yourself in a maze of countless IBCS charts and never knew which one was best suited to your facts. Our software is smart and knows exactly what you need! Depending on the selected data, you will automatically be shown the IBCS charts that make sense in the relevant business context.

Before the reporting comes the planning. The most common use cases in IBCS reporting are the comparative charts with planned values. In our software, you can simply add the topic of planning. This will place over 400 planning functions for business management at your fingertips, which you can use on your structure straight away without any IT skills – from top-down planning and scenario planning through to credit and fixed asset planning.

Our software is an extremely safe investment. By choosing Hi-Chart by Corporate Planning, you are choosing a company that has more than 30 years’ market experience in the field of planning and corporate performance management. Our established structures with 130 employees guarantee the ongoing development of the various solutions and offer you all-round support as well as a large training centre. That’s how we ensure that our software is very easy to implement in your company too – whatever its size or sector.

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