Chart-me WEB now provides a SAP BW connector.

The independent Chart-me WEB platform can be integrated into nearly any web-based reporting environment within the organization.

The SAP BW interface makes reporting even more versatile according to IBCS rules.

That’s how it works:

Connector to SAP BW

Create a new data source.

Select as type “SAP BW”.
Basically, data sources of different types can be combined.

Select a predefined BW server. The available servers are defined during the configuration of Chart-me WEB.

Then select a cube or a query. The list can be switched between the two types. Queries are the default and are also available when there are no more cubes in BW.

In the pivotizer, the dimensions are arranged and filtered in rows and columns.
All different types of data sources are displayed uniformly.

Then a visualization can be created, which is automatically IBCS-conform, and right from the start looks good.
The table shown here with variance charts takes about one minute.
The look is adapted to company-specific concepts by central stylesheets.
The hierarchies can be expanded and collapsed by the user.
Click events can be defined for an interactive user experience.

Create filters that should be accessible to viewer users.

Share project for named users or export via e-mail link or as a high-resolution PDF

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