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Chart-me XLS turns MS Excel into a professional tool for creating consistent, clear and compelling management reports, dashboards, and presentations in a matter of minutes. In the beginning there is your idea to visualize your figures, variances and relations. In the implementation, Chart-me XLS comes into play. Multi-page reports can be generated fully automatically to PDF, Word, PowerPoint or to image formats.

Chart-me XLS is IBCS certified.


With a well thought-out workflow and numerous assistance functions, Chart-me XLS is not only comfortable but also a real help. At the same time, Chart-me XLS provides you with comprehensive possibilities to meet even the most demanding reports, without having to flip side-by-side manuals!


Unlike Microsoft’s standard diagrams, Chart-me XLS entirely renounces non-transparent and superfluous elements. The presentation concept is completely oriented on readability, comparability, clarity and information.


You decide whether to create IBCS standardized report pages according to SUCCESS or to implement your own ideas. By adapting the symbols, colors, patterns and sizes, you can also incorporate existing visual standards in your company.


Download AddIn, install, get started! After installation, MS Excel provides you with a comfortable menu for creating accurate charts and tables that speak the same language. You will profit from 47 templates for main and 34 for deviation diagrams as well as table templates.


With Chart-me XLS, your finished report pages can be linked pixel-accurate with PowerPoint. Use Chart-me XLS graphics as PDF, JPG, PNG or vector formats to provide high-quality quarterly or annual reports in other programs. With the report component, the individual pages can be combined into entire documents and automatically output to PDF or Word.


With Chart-me XLS, you create final report pages completely in Excel – and not just individual charts. You can create your figures in high print quality. The output formats also result in high quality, for example by using vector rather than pixel image formats.


Whether you want to use your graphs for PowerPoint presentations, on-screen, printouts, or print previews, Chart-me XLS provides you with a variety of page templates that can be used to show you individual charts and tables, or to present multiple graphics at the same time. Of course, the layouts can be changed at any time, for example, when a new purpose is used.

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The Excel files generated with Chart-me XLS are also usable by Excel users without Chart-me AddIn. You decide which settings are released to be changed afterwards. For the presentation of your annual reports you can print them automatically as PDF, Word or picture formats. The Chart-me XLS graphical images can also easily be integrated into MS SharePoint.

Introductory video
Chart-me XLS


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

Automation Modul
Chart-me XLS 3.0 Pro


Automation module PART 1: Create multi-page reports and output charts and tables to PDF


Automation module PART 2: Link charts and tables to Word and PowerPoint.


Chart-me XLS

Control category width and column thickness


Chart-me XLS

Control scaling: Scale different charts synchronously


Chart-me XLS

Control the representation of the chart axis with different scenarios


Chart-me XLS

Control waterfall chart with W+, W- and C


Chart-me XLS

Variable selection of the variance chart types: Column / bar for absolute or needle charts for percentage variances


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The Chart-me XLS test version can be tested with all features for 30 days.

Chart-me xls
User guide

The Chart-me XLS reference book.

Chart-me xls
Performance Guide

Here you can find tips and tricks on how to use Excel together with Chart-me XLS with good performance and how to minimize the response time.

What our customers say


Chart-me allows me to present complex relationships plausibly, graphically, and commented. The creation effort is comparatively low, after training.

(Translated from German)

Michael Seip, Flensburger Brauerei, Germany

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